94% of Utah K-12 school districts do not have any dedicated cybersecurity professionals according to a survey of 35 school districts.

Only two districts or 6% had dedicated security staff, and three others or had a staff member with cybersecurity responsibilities. The combined total of school districts with any security staff is 14%.


Finding the data was straightforward. I found the list of districts and student enrollment from the Utah State Board of Education website. I then crossed referenced the school districts with the district’s websites. Of the 42 districts, 35 published staff directory information on their websites. I used this directory information to identify which IT staff members have “security” or “cybersecurity” in their job titles.


The data shows only a small number of cybersecurity staff protecting Utah K-12 schools and student data. Only two school districts (6%) had dedicated cybersecurity staff: Box Elder District and Tooele District with one staff member each. Three other districts, Cache, Ogden City, and Park City, had one employee where cybersecurity responsibilities was combined with other job duties.

Although not a part of any school district, the Utah Education Network security operations team works with K-12 districts. The team has six dedicated staff members. There are 589,773 students enrolled in K-12, but once I removed student count for districts that did not publish staff information that number is 513,459.

The ratio of counted students to dedicated cybersecurity professionals before including UEN’s security team is 256,730 students to 1 cybersecurity professional. After including UEN’s security team, that number is 73,722 students to 1 cybersecurity professional.


Although one data point does not convey the entire picture, it does indicate how developed cybersecurity is within Utah K-12 education.

One conclusion we can draw is Utah school districts do not have cybersecurity expertise to handle security incidents. As a result, districts either do not have any security monitoring, have monitoring inconsistently applied, or outsource it entirely. It’s likely many districts feel relying on the dedicated UEN security team for most or all security monitoring is adequate. However, the low number of cybersecurity positions for the large number of disparate IT systems across dozens of organizations is grossly inadequate.

These numbers also indicate a lack of cybersecurity investment across the state. Some districts are too small to hire dedicated cybersecurity staff. Others have a substantial IT footprint but have chosen not to prioritize cybersecurity.

Utah K-12 Cybersecurity Recommendations

The low number of cybersecurity personnel for the many school districts and systems greatly increases the risk of a compromise. To help reduce the risk, Utah education should consider a comprehensive plan to systemically improve the status of IT security across all districts. This includes hiring qualified security professionals in key areas and combining security efforts.

Download the data in CSV format or browse the table below. You can scroll right for additional columns.

District NameFall 2020 EnrollmentIT StaffSecurity StaffRatio student to IT StaffRatio student to Security StaffNotesSource
Alpine District 81,532 10- 8,153 -https://alpineschools.org/dataservices/
Beaver District 1,524 2-762-https://www.beaver.k12.ut.us/district/district_administration___staff/district_staff
Box Elder District 11,914 141851 11,914 https://www.besd.net/IT/Default.php
Cache District 18,802 160* 1,175 -*One person has shared responsibility with other dutieshttps://www.ccsdut.org/Page/6469
Canyons District 34,178 58-589-https://www.canyonsdistrict.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/CSD-Department-Directory.pdf
Carbon District 3,472 5-694-https://www.carbonschools.org/o/carbon-school-district/page/information-technology--27
Daggett District1891-189-https://www.dsdf.org/District/1358-Daggett-School-District-Staff-Directory.html
Davis District 72,897 26- 2,804 -https://www.davis.k12.ut.us/departments/technology-services/computer-technology-support/cts-staff
Duchesne District 5,164 6-861-http://www.dcsd.org/technology-ad682cb0
Emery DistrictDoes not publish directory data
Garfield District8991-899-https://www.garfk12.org/staff-directory/
Grand District 1,498 1- 1,498 -https://www.grandschools.org/apps/staff/
Granite District 63,989 45- 1,422 -https://www.graniteschools.org/edtech/staff/
Iron District 9,544 2- 4,772 -https://irondistrict.org/directory/
Jordan District 56,339 43- 1,310 -https://jordandistrict.org/departments/informationsystems/
Juab District 2,655 1- 2,655 -https://www.juabsd.org/departments/information-technology.html
Kane District 1,275 1- 1,275 -https://kanek12.org/directory/
Logan City District 5,420 14-387-https://www.loganschools.org/technical-services-directory
Millard District 2,973 4-743-https://www.millardk12.org/technology/
Morgan District 3,194 4-799-https://www.morgansd.org/258878_2
Murray District 6,425 7-918-https://www.murrayschools.org/technology-department/
Nebo DistrictDoes not publish directory data
North Sanpete DistrictDoes not publish directory data
North Summit DistrictDoes not publish directory data
Ogden City District 11,460 110* 1,042 -*One person has shared responsibility with other dutieshttps://www.ogdensd.org/departments/information-technology/contact
Park City District 4,757 100*476-*One person has shared responsibility with other dutieshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1vnCK2ZsBVd8uq8_NePJXGPibhicwMml5jYofMxeTCj0/edit
Piute District2791-279-https://www.piutek12.org/62-district-office/220-submitting-support-tickets.html
Provo District 16,603 28-593-https://employee.provo.edu/technology/
Rich DistrictDoes not publish directory data
Salt Lake District 22,017 30-734-https://www.slcschools.org/departments/business-administration/information-technology/
San Juan DistrictDoes not publish directory data
Sevier District 4,548 5-910-https://www.seviersd.org/index.php/topdepartments/informationtechnology.html
South Sanpete District 3,230 2- 1,615 -https://www.ssanpete.org/district-information/district-office.html
South Summit District 1,701 4-425-https://www.ssummit.org/staff
Tintic District2141-214-https://www.tintic.org/home/district-office-staff.html
Tooele District 17,608 171 1,036 17,608 https://www.tooeleschools.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=672185&type=d&pREC_ID=1816889
Uintah District 6,989 7-998-https://www.uintah.net/departments/technology
Wasatch District 7,146 3- 2,382 -https://www.wasatch.edu/Page/497
Washington DistrictDoes not publish directory data
Wayne District4362-218-https://www.waynesd.org/district/district-office-staff.html
Weber District 32,588 56-582-https://wsd.net/departments/support/technical-services/staff-directory
Subtotal 513,459 4382 1,172 256,730
UEN Security TeamNANA6NANA
Total 589,773 4438 1,331 73,722