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UtahCyberCheck Announcement

I am announcing my small, voluntary effort called UtahCyberCheck (short for Utah cybersecurity check) to show there are deficiencies in the current way Utah education and governments are defending against cyberattacks, stopping abuse of their systems, and protecting the data of students and citizens. Although my focus is specific to the state of Utah, I may include other geographic locations may from time-to-time.

The information I present from this effort is an indicator, not a complete picture, of the Utah’s institutions’ cybersecurity posture. A comprehensive evaluation requires much more information that I do not readily have access to. Instead, I have chosen to find poor practices, vulnerabilities, and evidence of abuse or compromises in public-facing systems that reside on, are managed, or owned by education institutions (including school districts and charter schools), the state, and municipalities. The only exception is Brigham Young University (BYU) and LDS Business College due to the fact the former is my current employer and the latter has affiliation with my employer. This is a personal project and is not affiliated or sponsored by BYU.

My actions are not penetration tests. All data is publicly available and legally obtained, and I intend to interpret and follow responsible disclosure guidelines to the best of my abilities. Discovering techniques are non-intrusive and do not affect confidentiality, integrity or availability of systems or data.

This effort and subsequent reports should not be taken as a sign of failure, but as a sympathetic act to encourage improvement. We are in an ongoing global cyber-conflict where just because there are setbacks so far doesn’t mean we have lost. If we are going to succeed in the end, we need to improve upon what we’re doing now.

When I tweet about this project, I will use #UtahCyberCheck.

Be sure to read my next post detailing some motivation behind this project.

1/7/2020 Update to clarify techniques are benign.
2/6/2020 Included statement that BYU is not associated with UtahCyberCheck. Updated title.

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